Hi Friends ~
I don’t seem to be able to sit for long enough today (probably not a bad thing!). Monday is early out for the kids’ school, thus the day is even MORE choppy than usual. 3 trips to school and back daily. And it has been snowing again – hopefully it will warm up soon (like 50).

Saturday night I went to Girls Night Out at the local quilt shop, and got to meet Natalia. She was sharing her quilts that she tends to make with pre-cuts — cute stuff! And she has quite a few tutorials on her blog.

I haven’t done any sewing in the last few days either – my extra energy has been put into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival! The details are coming together and I’m getting super excited.

In other news — I decided to try Twitter again. I thought we could spread the word there about the festival too! The more the merrier – right? So follow me and I will follow you!

I’ll be back tomorrow with something interesting – I hope!


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