I’ve gotten a few questions, just a few, but thought I would clarify here for everyone. The Quilt Festival begins October 9. With my post on October 9 everyone will have the chance to join in the fun!

  • May I join in, please? :) Of course! Everyone is welcome to join!
  • You’ll be posting the directions of what to do again, won’t you? Absolutely! Everything will be clear October 9, but if you would like to see the spring festival for an idea of what to expect – go visit the spring post.
  • Help! I can’t ever make buttons work. See the box of html below the button? Put your cursor in there, press control+A, then control+C to copy ALL the code. Then go to your blog, add a html gadget and press control+V to paste the code. Save and you should have a nifty little button! You can also paste it into a blog post :) This is for blogger – I have no idea how the other platforms work – sorry!
  • Are the signups going to be different? Nope! See the spring festival if you would like to know what to expect.
  • Please send me details on how to get on board. Sorry – I’m having a hard time keeping up with everyone, if your question isn’t answered here, let me know. Everyone is welcome to participate beginning October 9 :)
  • The button takes you to the page of information. Is that what you want? Yes! Right now I need your help spreading the information to as many quilting bloggers as possible – we don’t want them to miss out, do we!? On October 9 I will change the code to go directly to the Quilt Festival post.

I will update this post as needed – thanks for all your interest! It is going to be so fun!!


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