Hi Friends! With just under two weeks left until Blogger’s Quilt Festival I’m excited to get things started!

The Blogger’s Quilt Festival is for quilters of any genre, or skill level – no matter your style we want to see your work!! The Blogger’s Quilt Festival is timed around Quilt Market especially for those of us not able to make that pilgrimage to Houston, but if you go to market you are still welcome too :)

So pick a quilt to showcase, just one, and be thinking about the story that goes with it. What did you learn, what did that project help you through, or to overcome. Did you make it for someone special, or to raffle off at an important event?

And there are lots of prizes to win too! I have a great group of generous sponsors, all happy to inspire and give fabulous bundles! (If you are interested in joining the ranks of sponsors – Email me – I will get details to you right away!)

While you are deciding which quilt to showcase, I need a little help! Grab a button and help me spread the word —

(You will have to click over from your reader to get the code!)

Tell all your friends and be ready for a quilt overload from your computer chair. I’m excited to see what everyone has to share this time around!

Happy weekend~

Graphic design by my sweet friend Amy – Thanks Amy!!

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