My disclaimer :: I am by no means an expert in coding or web design, but I am capable of making the changes that I want to my blog and thought I would share a couple of great resources!

First – Three Column Blogger has been super helpful in learning the html changes to make for three columns. I typically look through templates every six months, (google “free blogger templates”) I always come back to minima. I love the simplicity of it – just me!

Second – Web Page Analyzer is a great tool to see how long your page needs to load, and it shows you each item on your page and the number of bytes it consumes. I use this to see what little extras are eating up too much space, and make sure that it loads quickly for all of you! I’ve noticed using this site that photos posted using html from flickr, are usually a bit larger than if I upload straight to blogger. Apparently blogger compresses the image for me – nifty! Even still I usually upload once, be it blogger or flickr and then use html as needed.

Do you all know how to paste html into your blog post from flickr?
Go to the picture you would like to use in your flickr stream. Click the “all sizes” button above the photo. Next click the size you would like to use (I use medium), then look below the photo for the html. Copy, then paste it straight into your composer box. It will remain html, until you preview or publish your post.

What do you think of my new layout? I think I’m happy with it! I’ve got a bit more organizing to do in the sidebars but I’m mostly there. How is it loading for you?

Meanwhile, these two are keep me busy as a referee. Being 2 years apart is a challenge! Owen doesn’t understand the problem, and Sophia is all mommy, and smothers Owen. On occasion they play nice together, but usually one is taking away from the other and a war is induced.
One day at a time is the best I can do :)

I’m getting ready for the Quilt Festival! New logo/button coming soon! If you haven’t subscribed already, you can get my posts in your inbox (see the box on the right) or add me to your reader – don’t miss out! I’m excited :)

I hope this post was helpful to you, let me know if you have a question –

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