Hi Friends~

I feel like it’s been a while! A bunch of randomness that I need to put down —

After posting on Monday, I proceeded to not sew, but clean instead. “Operation Clean Floors” was a huge success, for about an hour, then, well you know! Kids – gotta love the messes that come with them :)

Yesterday I pulled out the machine during nap time to sew up that stack, and have just now ironed them! I will pin again and hope for a chance to sew later this evening.

Emmalie has missed kindergarten this week, so far, with a touch of the flu bug :( And so, I now need to bleach the house again, and pray that it passes quickly!

My doll quilt was received by Emma! She loves it, had commented and added it as a favorite on flickr when I originally posted it there, so fun to have a vocal (dqs) partner!

I got a new sketch book – can you believe I have filled 2 up in the last year!? I hardly can. Usually I buy them at the grocery store (my second home) but they changed the sketch book that they carried, so I turned to Amazon. I am very happy with my purchase, and plan on filling it up soon too! Do you use a sketch book at all? Mine are full of quilt ideas, blocks for the quilting bees, embroidery, and quilting doodles – I like to practice a little on paper before getting started.

I also have a color wheel project churning in my brain – more on that when I have a little something to show.

Have you noticed the countdown to Fall Quilt Festival? Three weeks from this Friday and the Festival begins! I have details (sponsors, buttons, graphics, prizes) all coming together! Do you have a quilt to share? I’m really excited to see it all come together. Are you a shop? Interested in being a sponsor? Email me and I will get details to you!

So I’ve cleared my head – anything you need to get out? I’d love to hear what you are working on!

My next post will have pictures – I promise –



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