This mama is a little emotional! The first day of kindergarten is exciting and new, and a little bit hard. Sophia’s first sentence this morning was “I’m 5 now too.” She wanted to go with her sisters and not be the one left at home. We all sat on the kitchen floor for a few minutes explaining how fast the hours would go (it’s 2.5 hrs!) and that we would get Emmalie as soon as she is done, and then go back for Ella, of course.

I was reminded of when Ella went to kindergarten, Sophia was 3 months old, and Emmalie was 20 months. Thankfully Joe was a Pastor at the time, and worked from a home office. But still, it was a lot! It was also the first time that Emmalie reacted to having a new baby in the house – she wouldn’t sleep, didn’t want to be left alone in her crib – and so forth. It took us a week to put together all the clues she was giving us, change is hard no matter how old you are :) So glad that I have constant support in Christ! There is no way I could do it on my own.
These are the fabrics that my sister and I selected for a new quilt for her! What do you think Natalie!? I’m excited to get started – hopefully later today.

I have nothing sewn this week to show you – but sew-n-tell is happening over at Amy’s blog if you do :)

Have a great weekend~

PS – THANK YOU to everyone that signed the Flea Market Fancy Petition and voted! You guys really are the BEST!

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