Going back to school is not only emotional for mom – it’s hectic! In the last couple of years I have developed routines with Ella to make sure we get out the door on time. And now getting ready for Kindergarten, Emmalie is getting in on the action!

Much like the chore list, I make checklists for the girls of everything that they need to do before going to school. This may seem really basic, but I have found giving them the checklist eliminates the need for me to constantly question/nag, and gives them a little control. Who doesn’t love to be in charge of them self!? Also, Ella makes her own lunch – this helps to ensure she actually eats it, as she made the selections and put it together herself.
For Em I used pictures of items as she is not quite reading – a simple solution! Just in case you are wondering – backpacks are packed the night before, as homework is done.

One other thing that has made a big difference is outfit options. My girls love to dress themselves, but the result is sometimes crazy! For school, I put outfits together on hangers, with clean underwear, and allow them to choose from the hangers. It is easiest to do as I fold laundry, and I have thought a hanging sweater organizer would work well too.

We have found giving our kids a few decisions to be made, in a controlled environment, helps with making other decisions too – a good thing in our book!

Do you have routines for getting your kids out the door? What works for you?

I’m always looking for more ideas :)



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