I know – it’s already September, I was slow to take the time to figure out paper piecing. I’ve read a few tutorials, but until I sit down to do something for the first time – it is still an unknown. In the end I had a lot of fun making these for Amy

August Blocks for Amy

  • Over last weekend I took the time to make tomato sauce for the winter. It was an experiment. I love to make my thick and hearty sauce, but usually use canned tomatoes from the store. So I bought up 30 fresh, locally grown tomatoes at the farmer’s market – after all the simmering I was left with 2.5 quarts! I was/am a little disappointed :( It’s not cost effective, I can purchase a 10# can at Costco for less than $3 – and it renders enough sauce for a months worth of dinners. The fresh tomato sauce tastes so good – but I can’t tell the difference. What would you do? Anyone care for a recipe?

  • My sister is on her way to visit over the long weekend :) It’s been almost two years since her last visit – I’m looking forward to our weekend together!

  • I’ve been a bit quiet here this week as we have started school, and working out new routines. Ella is in 4th grade – I cannot believe it! Time seems to keep flying by. Emmalie will start Kindergarten next week after all the assessments have been done and teachers assigned – watch for more tears then. The first day of the school year always makes me misty eyed – all the hope and promise of a new school year. Learning, growing, becoming more independent – of course this is what I want for them – I am brimming with pride.
  • My DQS7 quilt is near completion – I’m hoping to share it tomorrow for Sew-N-Tell :)

Many Blessings ~


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