Hi there! With all our trips to the library – I have exhausted the quilting books of interest. So with our last visit I brought home a design book! I’ve been checking out more home design type mag’s too when looking for inspiration – I find myself more and more challenged to make my own quilts instead of a pattern.

The photography in Design! is stimulating and the text is worth reading. I found myself drawn to Chapter 3 – Visual Elements and his section on Color, and felt the inspiration coming on :)Love that color wheel! And so I started looking for quilt inspiration on flickr, this is just a taste of what you find when searching “color wheel”.

Color Wheel Inspiration
1. Oh, 2. inspiration day one, 3. 10-08 crazy color wheel, 4. DQS#7 Top Finished. Clockwise?, 5. FQ Stack for Color Wheel Quilt, 6. Black Color Wheel quilt top done!, 7. Full view of DQS7 quilt, 8. color wheel, 9. The front

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

Being the individual that I am, I cannot copy any of these beautiful creations, but I know that I will have to create a quilt reminiscent of a color wheel in the near future! I need to go organize my chest of fabric and see what scraps I can pull together :)

Also in my color wheel hunt I found a couple of great articles —
Purl Bee – Thinking in Color
All People Quilt – Choose Fabric with Confidence

Be Inspired and Enjoy the process!


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