In the new year I told you I was adding advertising to my site – take it or leave it, I am looking for a way to help with the family bottom line (and support the fabric addiction). I have learned a lot in the process, like adding filters so that stuff I’d rather not see doesn’t appear at the bottom of my feeds and such! If you have questions, let me know, I will do my best to answer or point you in the right direction. :)

Today I want to share my Amazon Shop! I have added, and will continue to add, favorite books and tools. So if you have a little shopping to do on Amazon – consider linking through my shop. I’m not looking to make a ton of $$, but every little bit helps!

Maybe you need a darning foot to finally take the plunge to free motion quilting! I didn’t even to think of looking on Amazon when I had to have the Dresden ruler! And they have the ergo rotary cutter I love too!

I have also included books that I own or have inspired me through our local library. Go take a peek! Modern Quilt Workshop is one I am still digesting – amazing amounts of information in this one (not just a pattern book!). And Material Obsession, will inspire for months and years – beautiful pictures too. Have you been inspired to try embroidery? It’s not hard and completely relaxing. Check out Doodle stitching! She has instructions for a few projects, stitch library and lots of information to get your started in embroidery.

If that hasn’t tempted you maybe the 10 yards of bleached muslin from moda will – it’s under $30!

Blessings to you~


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