Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey – lots of great info there, and it is helping to get me even more excited for the Fall Quilt Festival! If you haven’t done it yet – I would love to have your input too!

Our weekend was a little dramatic – on Sunday our Emmalie was spinning on her foot in the kitchen, with a cup in hand, when she slipped and fell – face first. It happened so fast! She was in immediate pain, and bleeding, I was the one dressed so we scooped her up and ran to the hospital. Thankfully it is just 5 minutes away. In the end she has 4 stitches on her bottom lip and chin – but owie! That is a painful spot for stitches, and a couple of them he did twice to get the lip line right – I’m thankful he took the time, but it was hard to watch! She also had a puncture inside her lip, bruised top lip, and battered gums – sorry if this is too much, I don’t have pictures :) Today she’s looking and feeling much better! All the swelling has gone down, she can eat more than milkshakes, and the stitches are healing. Now if I can stop stressing over every move she makes! Some of you may remember I had stitches in my finger back in January – I would do that all over again if I could keep her from hurting. She’s a brave girl.

My list of stuff to get done this week –

– Tack down the binding on my zig-zag quilt.
– Sew sample bag for LQS.
– My Doll Quilt Swap mini.
– Try another bag in my head.
Bee blocks? that may be pushing it :)
– Quilt Festival prep behind the scenes.
– The zig-zag quilt-along is complete, I need to make a big post for reference here.
– Of course the laundry and dishes all need to be done constantly – that goes without saying right!?

Looking at it now, this is more a wish list than to-do list! At least I have a goal :) What are you working on?


PS — Are you local to Park City/Salt Lake area, or willing to drive to PC?? A lady contacted me, she is selling off 400 bolts of mostly high quality flannels for $1.50 a yard!! Email me directly if you would like to contact her.


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