I got my top done and haven’t touched my machine since! My mind is full of projects, but the sun has finally been shining. Today was a full day with the kiddos, running errands and gardening/weeding! It’s crazy how fast those things grow :/

Ella and I spent some time playing Scrabble while Owen napped and the little girls entertained themselves – Ella’s a great speller, and Scrabble is a great way to reinforce it!
Sophia ended up watching us, she seemed to want to chat while I was trying to come up with a word :)
Today Ella and Emmalie got haircuts! Both have been ready for a while, but I wanted to make sure they were certain, before heading to the salon. At 5 and 9 these things change quickly :)

Aren’t they cute!?
I’m hoping that Em’s hair will thicken up a bit more, but I am so glad that she still has some curls.
Ella has been tired of all the knots and constant brushing/pony tales, thankfully she decided to not cut bangs! They are so much to keep up with :)

I thought Sophia would want a haircut too but when it was mentioned, it was as if she had been told she was going to get shots! She had fun watching the girls be transformed with their haircuts, and her cut will have to wait until she’s ready.

Owen’s always around – causing more and more trouble it seems! His birthday is over the weekend – summer solstice – entering the terrible two’s right on schedule too :)

I’ve been looking at the Kona Cottons over here for my quilt backing. I’m determined to get it done and not avoid it, which would be easy since it’s so big! Hopefully I can gather my supplies, and courage, over the next week :)

Blessings ~


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