I feel like I’ve had lots to write all week, but no words to make a decent post. I am happily here with the kiddos, and a few runny noses . . . summer colds are the worst, don’t you think?

I posted the music poll after getting a nice comment about how the music player has seemingly caused computer problems. Joe, had warned me that this day would come. . . I will remove it this coming week.

I understand more now after spending some time here, and realizing the time it takes for my blog to load – above all, I know that I want as many people welcome here as possible. And little extras take a good amount of time to load, and I would rather put that time into pictures loading. :)

Instead I will post a list of what is on the player now, and in the future update you with favorite songs or artists. Pandora has been a good source of new, to me, music! Music has always, always been a creative outlet for me, and not having it here will be a bit different – but for the best :)

Moving on!

I have been sewing, mostly at night, trying to get my blocks in order for the next step in the quilt-along. I made it!

110 squared and ready

Yes – I’m still pressing my seams flat! I pressed the first few to one side and kept getting folds in the fabric, as I am very careful not to tug on the fabric. . . I’m quicker pressing open :)

And see that ruler in the background? 12.5″ square, great size! Many of my SewConnected buddies have mentioned using this and smaller squares to get a nice square block in the end. I have only seen them for $30 (at my LQS), and rarely make it to JoAnn’s with a 40% off coupon, (40mins, mountain pass) but a local discount store had it for $15! I jumped on it and it was perfect for cutting these squares, lining up the inch lines with my seams to make the blocks square and straight.

Now to get them all into a quilt top! It’s going to be huge 100×110″! I have 110 blocks total – I realized as I was sewing the strip sets that I probably do not have enough floor space to baste it . . . I’ll let you know what I figure out :)

I feel a bit more caught up with you all now! I hope that you are well and blessed today –


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