Our first week without school, is good, but as always working into a new routine makes for a few hiccups in schedules and productivity! I haven’t made as much progress as I had hoped for so far this week but some is better than none! I will get there :)

I’m all organized and ready to go when ever I have the chance to sit. On track to make 110 – 10.5″ blocks – I altered Dana’s design, just a bit :)
My organization

This is one of my favorites so far –
First blocks

Sophia had a great Birthday! Thanks for the well wishes – I think 4 may be one of her most challenging years yet, for me. She’s been very contrary lately, wanting to do the opposite of what she should be doing, or saying. I’m praying it passes quickly. :) Nothing like testing mommy on every. single. little. thing!

Blessings to you today ~

PS – I put a little poll up on the right – I’m curious to know what everyone thinks :)


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