I’ve been cracking up with all the comments I’ve had the last few days! A few of them really are plain gross too – next time I may think a little harder about the sort of comments I ask for :) I was hoping to not get bored – that’s all!

Today I finally managed to get a haircut – I’ve been overdue for a couple of months. It feels really nice to have it all cut off again! I’m not at all attached – can you tell?
Yes, I know there’s root’s in there – I’d rather buy my color in a box and spend the rest on fabric – Thank you! At least you can’t see most of the gray right now :) A fun bob to get me through the coming summer. **Question for anyone that is a beautician – why do some seem to be anti thinning with a razor?? My hair needs it, the thinning shears only thin the ends- it seems. I’m mostly curious :)

Ella had her last day of third grade today, on the way this morning she told me she didn’t want it to be the last day. She misses her friends during the summer. I’m looking forward to getting outside with the kids and having fun! Last year Owen was just 1 and a good napper – I’m just beginning to see the benefits of not having a baby around anymore. Now to get him out of diapers . . .

I took a bunch of self-portraits, and I’m thinking this will be in my profile for a while.

Happy Weekend ~

PS – I haven’t gotten any cutting/sewing done yet this week! I’ve been busy looking through all the giveaways and keeping up with the kids :) I think today is the day!


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