I hope that you all had a great weekend, near or far! I have lots of pictures to prove my weekend was a blast!

Coldstone icecream cake–

Owen eating it —

Outside on the new patio–

Owen eating the dirt–

From my little vegetable patch – I know most in the US are already eating from their gardens or getting really close! Here in the mountains if I plant too early the frost gets it – this is the usual weekend for the seeds to go in! They were planted today :)

Joe and I got to go out for dinner on Saturday — we had a great night on our own. And look what I found while browsing Barnes & Noble! Love all the eye candy in this book.
I finally have my own copy!

By birthday fabric! You guessed it :)
My Quilt-along fabrics
I’m hoping to make a summer quilt for our bed, through Dana’s quilt-along!

That’s all for now – this is our last week of school and it’s a full week!
Blessings –