So I have this thing. I have to finish before I can move on to the next thing. Not usually a problem – but sometimes I really want to move on to the next thing and my OCD won’t let me!

Today I finished up my block for A Notion or Two, Russ sent out Amy Butler prints to make a quilt for his daughter. It took me a while to be inspired, but in the end I made a mini snowball block.

April - for Russ

April - for Russ

After finishing up I spent some time ironing and cutting up this —

SewConnected May

It’s my month for SewConnected!! I’m excited to see what this becomes with everyone’s creativity. I’ll keep you updated :)

In “other” news – my boy got a haircut.

Big Boy!

Isn’t he cute? Owen will be 2 in June. Back in January I had 3 stitches because I cut the skin off the top of my knuckle while trying to give Owen a haircut . . . I’m happy to say that I have full mobility and a normal looking knuckle. I should also point out that I have vowed to not cut the kids’ hair :) Joe took the clippers to Owen, while I held his hands and then him, as he got more nervous.