At some point today we hit 400! That’s over 400 quilting bloggers all linked up right here – isn’t that so cool? I know you all agree, you keep telling me how wonderful I am in your comments! Thank you :)

I’ve seen the same question again and again –
Will we be doing this again? You have to do this again – can we have one in the summer? And such —

My thoughts are this – once a year doesn’t seem like enough, but once a season may be a little too often, (for me) so how about we keep it coinciding with Spring and Fall Market!

If you saw my first post about this last Monday (yes, I put it together in one week) – then you should understand the connection :) I’m up for it if you are! By October we all should have something new to share, and I’ve learned not to ask for your favorite – so many have the hardest time selecting one quilt above the rest! It will always be one quilt per blogger :)

I’m still working through all your links and comments – you are a lot to keep up with! I’m not complaining at all – I’ve been introduced to new blogs that I would never have found on my own, new styles of quilting that I haven’t seen much of before and been so inspired by each and everyone of you!

Again? yes – in October. :)