Wow you guys! This has been so amazing! What a great experience – Thank you!!

I am slowly working through all the links and trying to answer questions as they come in, my inbox has been overflowing. I’m so glad that you are all having a great time seeing inspiring quilts and making new friends :)

I want to encourage some that may not have joined us yet – it does not matter your skill level, or number of quilts completed! If you have just one – post it :) I don’t consider myself a master quilter, I just love being a quilter! The majority of those linking up would probably share my thinking too.

I am up to, Friday noon in links – if I haven’t made it to your blog yet, I will, I promise, but it may take me all week :) Our family weekend has been a bit busy, with Saturday morning Soccer game, a sewing lesson with a friend, and company on Friday night. Tonight we are going to friends’ house to watch the Amazing Race – 0ur little tradition. Hopefully with the return of school tomorrow, and the routine, I will have a little more time to make the rounds :)

If you haven’t been back since Friday and reading in your reader or email – come back and check out some more links! I’ve gotten a few responses about how meaningful the comments have been – let’s keep it going.

Blessings ~