This last week I stumbled on to John’s announcement that DQS was taking sign-ups for the next round! I quickly made way over to flickr to get in on the action. Having done a few swaps in the recent months I was hoping to get in with DQS as they always seem to have beautiful doll quilts for each other. There is no theme, but it is a secret, so you have to “stalk” your partner without them know you are creating for them – fun!

Here’s a little inspiration that I found on flickr . . . all the flowers and birds . . . pretty sure I’m ready for spring to be here :) We still have piles of snow, with a north facing home, it sticks around longer even though it has been warm (around 45) lately.

1. Lizzie’s graduation quilt, 2. 4 Seasons Dolls Quilt swap. Spring!, 3. Doll Quilt swap 5, 4. Four Seasons Quilt Swap – Spring, 5. Wedges!, 6. Doll Quilt Received from Woolly Interlude, 7. Diamond Fassetts – DQS4 Sent, 8. Doll Quilt Swap 5 received, 9. mini quilt taylor, 10. Rainbow Swirl Dolls Quilt, 11. Doll Quilt Swap 5 ready to go!, 12. Abstract #5 Mini Embroidered Art Quilt, 13. tree, 14. August 27 203, 15. rosie’s quilt, 16. Doll quilt II., 17. Block sent to Kathy2859 for Buzz Cuts, 18. triptych, 19. aunt millies garden-2, 20. Drunter und Drüber; Higgledy Piggledy, 21. En Route, 22. First Try, 23. For the Birds, 24. Finished ! last day of 2007…., 25. Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, 26. Brunswick Street, 27. Katrina Quilt Square ‘flowers’, 28. French Press Cozy – detail, 29. Quilting Exhibition, Llangollen, 30. Bursts and Arrows Quilt, 31. bento box quilt, 32. Spring Bento Box – Doll Quilt Swap III, 33. Doll Quilt, Complete, 34. chicks, 35. my new log cabin, 36. I found a quilt top today!

Hope you are having a great day!
Blessings – Amy