Not me – thank goodness! The skies. Even though we have a serious winter here – it is mostly sunny, not too much of these overcast days. A good trade off in my opinion :)

Time to get my bloggy butt in gear – I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a week!

Most of the costumes for Ella’s production at school should have been dropped off at school this morning. Speaking with the other mom’s about them has been fun, and challenging – it’s rarely quiet around here :)

The one giving me trouble is a red/white stripe tee for “Smee” – of course I thought this would be the simplest! ugh. Short of paying $21 on Amazon I haven’t found a good cheap shirt that will do – so I’m thinking I just need to paint stripes on a white shirt. Or applique!? That just occurred to me – hmm.

Anyway – have you ever painted on a shirt? What sort of paint did you use and would you use it again?

I need to get this done, tonight or tomorrow – that’s the trouble of living in a small town, any crafty place is at least a 1/2 hour away and a mountain pass to bout! I didn’t plan for this – I thought for sure I could find one online :P

Maybe I am a bit punchy today . . .