I have to say upfront – I don’t have any pictures. . . I know not good blogging etiquette! Getting all 6 of us out the door in snow gear is all I’m going to say :) That and our camera is big (dslr) and could easily be hurt – which would not be good. A pocket camera is wanted for these occasions, but a luxury for us at the moment . . .

We had a blast! The snow is waist deep for Joe and I, with each step you sink to the knee – especially challenging for the little ones, but worth it! A 50′ hill with little bumps built in for excitement! The girls have all been sledding before and got right to it once the path was forged. Ella and Emmalie especially got right back up for more sledding, even if they veered off the path, or got snow in their faces. Sophia was happy to go down with Joe or I and carefully/slowly make her way back up the hill.

At first I thought Owen would be happy mostly sitting in the snow and going down a few time with Joe or I. Which he did, but then while waiting for his turn, he decided to go on his tummy down the huge hill. Joe stuck with him at first, especially while on the first steep part, and he kept sliding down. He would make it to the bottom and came to expect one of us to carry him back up. . . which we did – and he started all over again. After a while we just went down to get him. He went face first a few times, but mostly feet first watching us smile at him as he went down. I was expecting him to wear out of this but it continued to be fun for him – he’s 19 months old. Our last baby and getting to do lots of stuff younger than his sisters ever did. Being a boy helps a bit too, he is more eager to get involved, and isn’t concerned with consequences usually :)

After having been inside the last few days we were all getting a bit stir crazy. This was the perfect cure :) Did you do something fun today!? I hope so. Just wanted to share our adventure – I still haven’t gotten to my sewing machine . . . maybe tonight :)


If you want to see the kids dressed for snow I posted a few pictures here a while back. . . we have so much more snow than in those pictures now!