I hope that you had a great weekend! Mine was busy as usual, and good family time too.

We set up our tree during the week, my skirt looks just right under it! Yes, we have a fake tree. . . while living in Southern California, we were in campus housing (Joe was working on his MA), and for insurance purposes no real trees were allowed – so we went to the local walmart/kmart (I don’t remember which) and got a little tree, for our little apartment, and still use it every year! I’ve been batting the kids away from the tree since Wednesday – Owen just had to press his luck, and see if he would get into trouble for touching. It’s made for a little extra activity on my part, just keeping track of him :) So far it hasn’t fallen over! A couple of weeks ago I was given a nativity fabric panel, a friend was cleaning out her stash from when her boys were young. I would guess that the panel was at least 10 if not 15 years old – so I have no idea where she got it or if they even make them any more – sorry. I cut out all the peices in the evening, and got to sewing the next morning – Emmalie was by my side and was glad to help stuff the people. I’ve sewn plenty of clothing but the curves and wonky shapes were challenging! I added beans to the bottoms instead of cardboard, so they are weighted and stand easily. The kids, especially Em, have had fun playing with the set since I finished up. It’s a fun set, and I love how it brings the meaning of Christmas into playtime.

This is another set that we have. We have let them play with it a little, but it’s not the same as the soft fabric set. The mini quilt I received last week was the perfect stage for it on our table. I hope that you are blessed today ~