I know that they could have used it though, they have been at each other’s throats since 7:30 this morning. Rest time. I’m sure some of you are thinking “What she hasn’t been having rest time!?”

In my defense – for the last 5 years almost, I have had a baby and a napper, who would both go down for a nap in the afternoon. And the bedrooms up stairs are right next door to one another – causing one to keep the other up, if rest time were to go awry. So I haven’t done rest time.

Today – I’m losing it and it’s only noon. Emmalie and Sophia, only 17 months apart, are both independent and smart little girls. Many days they play together without trouble, other days they are trying their hardest to bug the other. That was the scenario today :)

So I implemented rest time, for me! A little time to clear my head, eat some lunch (while it’s still warm) and throw another load of laundry in. As I type, Owen is not napping, but Sophia and Emmalie are quiet, and as quickly as it started it will end – it’s nearly time to go get Ella :)

Thanks for checking in on me, I’ll be back soon ~ Amy