A neighbor (without kids) said to me in the middle of the grocery store with my kids – “I don’t know how you do it.” She had a smile, but I could see that she was concerned/amazed. Whenever we are together in public, my kids do alright, this day they were two in the cart and two out, and I was fielding three questions at once, as usual. They know that they are to sit, when in the cart, and hold on to the side when walking. We’ve been very consistent so that they know that it doesn’t change. After answering the questions and setting Owen down again (he’s still learning) I looked at her and said “One day at a time.”

It really is that simple for me, I will say that not every day is easy, or fun. But thankfully I get to start each day new and fresh each morning. Some days I have more time to myself, some days I am just grateful for the 5 minutes in the shower alone. Some days the noise will not stop, and others are peaceful and harmonious. There’s time when I could cry just thinking about all that is on my plate and other times I cry because it goes so fast. I am so thankful that in Christ each day is a new day, and He is beside me with every step. All the hugs and kisses that I get each day make everyday beautiful. I love each of my kids so much!

I pray that you are having a good day – be blessed!