This quilt came from the laundry ready to be loved! My kids have understood, that this quilt is for someone who is sick, but at the same time they love it too. Emmalie sat next to me on the couch last night as I finished the binding, pointing out all the different monkeys, and what they are doing, or the expression on their face. Already telling the story of the quilt! It is a fun quilt with lots of stories to be woven. To quilt it I did straight lines. However, I wanted the quilting to be unique. I started with diagonals through the squares, then went back and added a cross or plus sign at the major intersections. They are hard to see from the front – here’s the view from the back –

forward and back in each direction, starting and ending in the center.

My very first official label – I need to make these for all of my quilts.

Ready to be delivered! Now to make plans to get to the quilt shop – it needs to be there this week :) It will be a bit sad to say goodbye, but knowing that it will bring so much comfort to a sick child makes it worth it completely.

Blessings ~