Let me preface this post by saying – “I am a klutz!” I’ve known this for years – but what am I to do!?

This morning we got home from taking Ella to school. (She’s at the public school, and we are to close for the bus, but to far for her to walk alone)

Sophia got her hood stuck on the inside of the van door, you know the latch hook thingy.

I was already at the front door, getting it open, as she starts crying. My first thought is that the door shut on her fingers, (a big fear of mine). Not her fingers just her hood – Thank God!

Owen in arms, I start over to her, and trip on my own shoe. . . I stumbled across the driveway, only to finally fall when Owen would land in the grass – Thank God again!

I quickly scooped him up to rescue Sophia, all the while Emmalie is asking what happened. She had been at the door with me. We usually go through this routine without incident, so I had thought nothing of Sophia being on the other side of the driveway. . .

As we walked in the house my knee was radiating pain, Owen and Sophia are still upset and Em still has no idea what just happened! I got Owen ready for his nap and settled in to evaluate my injuries :( My jeans totally split at the knee and was somewhat embedded into my owie – my little girls (mommies at heart) were happy to get the first aid kit and cleaning towels for me. It really isn’t that bad, mostly just a BIG raspberry, but it hurts none the less.

My ego hurts a little too. It just so happens that last night I burnt my finger while getting dinner together. I had been smooshing beans with a fork when my thumb slipped off the fork, sending my hand straight into the simmering pan of beans . . . Joe shakes his head and wonders how I have survived this long!

I will survive – as like usual. I’m so thankful that neither of the kids had a scratch on them. Got a funny story? I could use a laugh :)

My friend Mendy received the Nod to Random quilt today. She loves it! And I did finish my cancer quilt – it’s in the wash. I will be back soon with pictures :)