The question has been asked, and it is very poignant this week. “What do you want your legacy to be?” For me it is simple, I want to live in relationship with those around me, and online, in a way that is meaningful and full of love. I would like to be in deep with people, trusted, and able to trust. Considering where our family has been this year – trust, is a hurdle right now :) Any way, everything else flows together if my relationships are good.
Working on this quilt took on new meaning this week. I learned that a young lady, Jessie, who has been fighting a rare cancer, passed away. We know her family a bit (long story), and I cannot imagine the mix of emotion that they are dealing with. I do know that they are very proud, Jessie has been a pillar of God’s strength and has left an amazing legacy in her short 16 years. If you have a few minutes watch the video here – you won’t regret the few moments :) My prayers are for her family – as they grieve and consider the future without Jessie.

And so as I have worked on this quilt, I have prayed for the child/young person, that will receive it. And the family that surrounds them. I hope that the love and prayers put into the quilt are felt :)

Have a good weekend – I plan to be quilting!

If you haven’t been to my sidetracked post yet – go! There’s a little giveaway there :) It’s not life changing – but I want share.