Hi again! I got to sew most of my cancer quilt top together last night, I need to add the borders before I share it with you again. My weeks seem to be flying by! Our nap schedule and school schedule haven’t meshed yet, and so, my sewing/blogging time has been scrapped lately, until 8:30 or so in the evening. We’ll work it out :)

We had our first frost on Tuesday morning! It forced me to go through the extra clothes and pullout pants for the kids yesterday. It is still pretty warm in the day (65-70) and seems to be getting warmer as the week progresses – hopefully we will be in the 80’s again this weekend :) Forgive me if I’m too forward – but does anyone have any little boy clothes you might want to pass on? Owen is our only boy and I don’t have all the hand-me-downs like I did for the girls. And he just keeps growing! I already need 24mo/2T for him – I would pay for shipping or whatever. . . ?

Moving on: I have been tying Owen’s binkie to his jammies and clothes, because the clip died – just as I predicted. I decided that I didn’t need a clip after tying it to him and made a loop. When he wears overalls, I can slip it through before fastening them. And his blanket sleepers have the snap at the top, and the loop goes over that little tab before closing the snap, really it works for any clothing with a snap! It’s super simple and works for us! I couldn’t resist his little face! Isn’t he so handsome!? I made two – binky leashes, for him. One’s blue and the green one below.

My mom is coming to visit for a long weekend. After getting Ella to school tomorrow morning we will head down to the airport to pick her up. The girls are super excited – they were chanting this morning “Grandma’s coming tomorrow, Grandma’s coming tomorrow!” It should be fun! :)

That’s all for now.