Today is our wedding anniversary! Nine years ago today, Joe and I were married :) We were both relieved that we were actually married, the weeks leading up to it were hectic and fun. I thought that in honor of our day I would share 9 things about US. . .
1 – We met while on a three week missions trip with our school. I had just finished my Junior year and Joe his Freshman.

2 – We didn’t really get along, or even like each other at first, but married just a year later!

3 – We are both the oldest child in our families, which played out in #2, and we have our moments day to day where it is obvious. :)

4- We wrote letters for three months and got to know one another, prior to dating. (He went home to Utah while I was in So. California for the summer).

5 – We decided before we got married that we wanted to be parents within 2 years. . .

6 – Ella, our oldest is our honeymoon baby. Not on purpose – but we were so blessed when she arrived, and everyday since. :)

7 – We love to laugh together, and at each other!

8 – Our favorite movie together is Return to Me.

9 – We look forward to being old together, sure that we will still be laughing!

Jenna is quilting today and will be sticking around to babysit while we get to have a movie/dinner date. Hope you all have a great day –