This week I’ve just felt – off. No real explanation, just off. My sewing machine was put away for a whole week! That could have something to do with it. . . but more of me thinks it has to do with life circumstances and changes. School is around the corner here (19th) and the summer seems to have flown by! So much that I wanted to do with the kids but haven’t done, for one ($) reason or another. I have also felt a bit isolated lately, since January I haven’t really had many mom type friends here locally to share life with. My family is my life, I cherish each waking (and sleeping,) moment, wanting to enjoy this time in our lives. I’m not really sure where I’m going with all of this – I needed to share where I am. Looking back it will be good to see where I’ve come from and through. I know that He is not finished with me yet, unfortunately the unknowns are hard to get past at the moment. Keep me in your prayers as I continue to work through “stuff” – thanks :)

I do know that I am thankful for the friends I have here! Being a part of your life, and having you involved in mine is so fun! I was able to get my sewing machine out today (finally), as we left for the park this morning – it started raining! That rarely happens in the mornings around here (in the desert) but it was a wet day, the second time we left the house, we really got rained on too! No park time today, but we did find flip-flops for .50 for my girls :) I have been working on the tiny hourglass blocks, hopefully I will have something to show for the 3 hours I spent ironing this evening!
Have a good weekend –