I have so enjoyed sharing my quilting projects here – but the last 24 hours Jenna has been over working on her very own quilt. I have to say having someone to chat with and share quilting info with has been a blast! And today she is super excited about her progress :) She told me earlier – “I knew it would eventually become something, but I never thought it would look so good!”
Jenna goes back to school later this month and has been working full-time, I was starting to get concerned that we would have enough time together for her to finish. But my faith is renewed in Jenna! She stayed up past 2 last night ironing all those corners down.
We got the pattern laid out while Owen was napping this morning and got right to putting it together. I’ve helped with some of the pinning, but Jenna has done all the sewing. Definitely a lesson for me in how to talk her through it. :)
So far, 4 of 10 rows put together. It’s coming together nicely – Don’t you think?!