Really I would like to know! =) I keep thinking about projects I would like to start but have gotten little accomplished – hmmm. I’m working on it.
I did just empty our van of trash and laundry! It is amazing how much accumulates in a short time. It hasn’t been around the house much for me to get my hands on it, so it had accumulated!
I made my older two girls each a nightgown yesterday. I had been to our one and only thrift shop in town last week and found some sheets – cool and comfy nighties. Emmalie choose the dainty flowers and Ella the white with eyelet at the hem. They turned out – but not my best work. I have another to make for Sophia – practice will help!
And I finished a novel this morning! It had been a while. . . Just Jane by Nancy Moser. I really enjoyed it, but of course I also love Pride & Prejudice and the rest. This was historical fiction of Jane Austen’s life, written in first person.
Of course I have been to the post office, grocery store, the laundry is going and the dishes are waiting, but it never ends so I may as well enjoy a few moments here with you!
So what are you up to? Any big weekend plans? I have a few places online that I like right now, here and here – they keep sucking me in. . .