I know, I surprise myself too! Sewing with 4 little ones running around can be challenging. I just have to plan ahead for naptime and I sew at the kitchen table. This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I can be in the midst of my kids while working on little bits. A curse because I have to pack everything up constantly. Oh well, it’s what God has on my plate for now – so I make the best of it!This quilt will be for my shop – finally! Joe still needs a quilt, I am reminded often, that he is the only one in our house without a personal quilt. But he is a lot more particular on fabric choice, so it’s a bit tricky. Any suggestions? He has mentioned GI Joe. . . I found some old sheets on ebay – but I don’t think that will do!So this is a very simple block that I drafted after I purchased a Flutterby charm pack and a few fat quarters on ebay. The top is 45″ square, I think it would be great for tummy time or as a stroller blanket. I love all the saturated colors – I think that is what sold me on the fabrics =)
I couldn’t help but snap this not very good picture up. Remember how I said Sophia is a good mommy to her babies? Well for naptime today she fell asleep at the foot of her bed so that she could overlook her babies in their pack-n-play, also napping. Too cute!